Melissa Snavely

Apparel and Textile Designer Peoria, AZ

I have 2 years of experience working as an Assistant Designer at Kohl's for Contemporary Womenswear brand APT9. After Kohl's, I moved to Denver Colorado and worked as an Assistant Designer for a children's accessories company called Goldbug. Currently I work for Fresh Produce Clothing in Boulder Colorado as the Assistant Technical Designer and Assistant Designer for the whole womenswear line - Tops, Bottoms and Dresses.

Before entering the workforce, I received a Bachelors Degree in Apparel & Textiles Design & Production from Kansas State University. My passions lie in both the creative side of fashion design and illustration, as well as the mathematical side of buying. I am a team player, creative, outgoing, energetic and a great multi-tasker.

I am looking for apparel and textile design and production opportunities.